Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR) began in 1999 when two 9-year-old girls, living in Manuel Antonio, saw the rainforest being cut down around them.  They felt they had to save it and they were kids, so voila, the name became Kids Saving the Rainforest!

Since its inception, KSTR has grown in leaps and bounds. Our programs include:

  • Monkey Bridge Program – with 130 bridges over the roads in the area, the endangered Titi Monkey population has gone from only 1200 to 3700!
  • Rescue Center – the only legal rescue center in the area with a full-time veterinarian, a biologist and staff to care for approximately 120 wild animals rescued each year. Without this center, most of these animals would die!
  • Wildlife Sanctuary – some rescued animals cannot be released into the wild, and need a place to live out their lives in safety.  KSTR has a zoo license, and the animals help to teach people about the need to save the rainforest and the wildlife in it.
  • Reforestation Project – KSTR has planted over 6,900 trees and aims to be sustainable by growing the zoo’s food, as well as 305 breadfruit trees donated from Trees that Feed.
  • Volunteer program – a live-in program with incredible housing at the Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Sister Projects throughout the world which teach kids to save the rainforest, no matter where they live.
  • International Research Projects – on-going unique projects developed to provide a healthier future for wildlife, ecosystems and human beings.

KSTR continues to grow and expand, and our goal is to connect with more concerned people to help support the only legal rescue center in the area.  We have created a solution to work for the whole community, but we need your support.

While KSTR continues to co-ordinate these various projects, we need financial help to support the Rescue Center. We are very excited to offer long-term options, and have created a long-term program with monthly donations between $100 and $1000.  If you cannot be involved, please pass this on to everyone you know who might be interested and you will still be helping to save the wildlife of the area!

For more information or contribute a donation,

contact or call 2777-2592.

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