Costa Rica has done an excellent job of protecting and preserving lands under their National Park System. Corcovado National Park for example, has 2.5% of earth’s biodiversity and, according to National Geographic, is “the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity. However, Corcovado is not large enough to protect the numerous eco-systems that exist there—the protected area needs to be expanded. Unfortunately Costa Rica, as a governmental agency, no longer has money available to protect or purchase more land.  Therefore, it is going to be up to the private sector—to raise the funds to make such purchases.  The White Hawk Project has been founded for this purpose.

The White Hawk Project, a non-profit Foundation, is working to help save a portion of the rainforest on the Osa Peninsula. Founded in 2008 in Carate, Osa Peninsula, the project is registered in Costa Rica as, “De La Asociacion de proteccion de Vida Silvestre Del Gavilan Blanco de playa Carate”; however, we are working jointly with the non-profit:  ¨El Tigre Fund¨ in The United States.

Mission Statement:

To preserve and protect the biological diversity in the tropical rainforest on the Peninsula de Osa in the Carate River Valley, making a wildlife preservation corridor adjoining Corcovado National Park with the surrounding properties.

Why is this preservation corridor so important? By extending the protected area we are able to create more habitats, to maintain migratory pathways and support gene flow.


Purchase individual properties that are offered for sale.

Preserve and protect into perpetuity.

Maintain the authenticity of flora and fauna by allowing the natural reproduction, growth, and range of native species.

Respect the rights and privileges of current owners by allowing those who presently live on their property to remain there for their life time.

This right shall not extend to any future generations.

The owner must abide by standards set by the mission statement.

Encourage scientific research- for education and preservation.

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Contributions are tax-deductible in the United States through their 501 © (3) status.

Contributions may be sent directly to:

The El Tigre Fund

White Hawk Project

P.O. Box 1766

Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324

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