What To Pack

We understand that packing is often one of the most stressful parts of every trip. We’ve done our part to help you know what to pack for Southern Costa Rica so you can stop worrying about the planning and start getting excited about all of the adventures that await!


What To Pack For The Ultimate Vacation In Costa Rica



Tip: Bring quick drying clothes. Laundromats aren’t easy to come by, and the humid weather means it will take a long time for hand-washed clothes to get dry.

Breathable & movable clothes for hiking and exploring such as:

-tank tops or workout tees
-workout shorts
-yoga pants or workout leggings
-at least one long-sleeve t-shirt
-at least one pair of paints


For The Beach And Exploring The Southern Zone:

-sarong or cover up
-bathing suit (duh!)
-nice outfit for going out
-lightweight sweater (it gets chilly in the mountains!)
-rain jacket (especially if traveling to Southern Costa Rica during the rainy season)

-flip-flops or sandals for the beach
-running shoes or chacos for hiking/exploring


Toiletries for your normal routine
-note: foreign goods are imported and significantly more expensive in Costa Rica. You can find nearly all of the same toiletries in Costa Rica, but you will pay more for them.


-drivers license
-debit card
-a print out of your flight information to and from. You must have a departure ticket showing that you will leave Costa Rica within the allotted 90-day tourist stay.


-sunglasses! Bring an extra pair in case yours are broken or lost
-bug spray
-bag to keep wet clothes in
-water bottle
-good books
-camera, of course!


Biggest tips:

*Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof!
*Protection against the elements (sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses)
*Lightweight clothes, but don’t forget a sweater!
*Imported goods are expensive, so pack your toiletries you know you will need

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