Why the Southern Zone

Costa Rica is divided into several sections. The Southern Zone of Costa Rica refers to the bottom portion that extends along the Pacific coast toward the border of Panama. It’s one of our favorite parts of Costa Rica, yet so few travelers, expats and even locals know just what a gem they are missing out.

Whether you’re looking for a place to retire or you are planning the two week vacation of your dreams, we’re confident you’ll find everything you’re looking for—and more—here in Southern Costa Rica.


Why Choose The Southern Zone?


Its Diversity

Lush rainforests meet dramatic mountainous terrain all within view of the deep blue ocean.

The Southern Zone is all about diversity, from the rugged landscape to the amazing wildlife. Hiking through the dense jungle or swimming in natural waterfalls; whitewater rafting across foamy rivers, or lounging out on dreamy beaches, you can find it all in Southern Costa Rica.

Costa Rica itself is one of the most biodiverse countries on the face of the Earth, and the Southern Zone takes the lead as the most diverse area within the entire country. Countless species make their home within this region. Toucans perch on trees outside your window and squirrel monkeys playful bounce along palm tree-lined beaches. The Southern Zone is your chance to experience the immense beauty that is Costa Rica.


Untainted Beauty

Few tourists seem to have discovered this gem of a region in Costa Rica. You won’t find any skyscraper hotel chains or Starbucks here. Not to say you’ll miss out on western conveniences- most shops have imported goods, but the authenticity and peacefulness of the Southern Zone make for a true Costa Rican escape.

Enjoy the incredible beauty of the blissful beaches without having to fight for a space to lay your beach blanket down. There are several beaches that boast great beach bars and shops, and you can find guided tours for just about every activity you could imagine. Yet at the same time, there are virtually unending beaches that appear totally unexplored and filled with the untainted beauty of wild jungle. Quite simply, Southern Costa Rica is paradise.


True Authenticity

The Southern Zone still maintains a presence of well-established expat communities without sacrificing authentic Costa Rican experiences. Here you will find Ticos that genuinely want to befriend you, invite you over to dinner, or go out of their way to help you just because they care. So much can be learned from these gracious locals, and you will always look back fondly on the memories made with them. Much of this interaction with locals is missed out by those only choosing to go to the tourist-dense cities. The Southern Zone is your opportunity to experience authentic Costa Rican culture.

Southern Costa Rica is your ticket to experience true Costa Rican bliss. But this gem wont’ stay a secret forever, so get here to paradise while you can!

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